Created in 1993 by Philippe Daraux, Mis en Demeure is today a world unto itself.

From refined urniture to decorative accessories, Mis en Demeure has developed its unique classic contemporary style which is at the same time very contemporary.

Part of the tradition of French Classicism, and established with a strong knowledge of skilled craftsmanship, Mis en Demeure‘s pieces are timeless, traversing time periods and trends. Each object is reinterpreted to suit contemporary lifestyles.

Mis en Demeure creates objects and furniture of all kinds, taken from the classical French Style and revived for a contemporary world.


A wide range of furniture and accessories can be discovered in our catalogue.

Interior Design Office

An Interior Design Office, composed of architects and designers, is dedicated to global projects that go from structural work up to the most delicate details of ornament.

Hôtels, Resorts & Spas

Mis en Demeure also offers a dedicated service to the hospitality industry, and brings original and bespoke solutions to their specific needs.

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