Mis en Demeure finds a natural extension of its activities with the Interior Design Office – a team of experienced designers with the ability to respond accurately to the design needs of professionals and sophisticated, discerning individuals.

It is aimed at both professionals and individuals and offers original and creative solutions to the problems inherent in your projects. By combining styles from yesterday to today, it meets your sharpest expectations by giving a touch of modern timelessness to your furnishings.

The Design Office is organised with both a creative and technical vision which is at your disposal to manage all, or part of a project. A dedicated team of interior designers and architects will be res­ponsible for your project, from the conception through to the finishing touches.

Step One: Schematic Design

A first introduction to Mis en Demeure’s Interior Design division, presenting previous projects, team members and our methodology. It also aims to ensure a proper understanding of the needs and wishes of the client, and to correctly define the project scope and mission entrusted to the interior design office. Documents are prepared detailing each room’s design, ambience, colour palette, materials, finishes and a selection of specific furnishings.

Step Two: Advanced Design

This includes room plans, ceiling plans, elevations and section details of decorative mouldings, schedules for architectural finishes and sanitaryware, joinery details for fixed furniture, and interior design specifications. All stages of the project can be customised according to your detailed requirements. The fees for the concept design and technical documentation are calculated on a square meter basis, whilst the design management and work management are based on percentage of work completed.

Step Three: Realisation!

How does it work?

Open and flexible communication between your needs and the proposals of Mis en Demeure.

Schematic design

The objective of this phase is present the Mis en Demeure’s vision for your project.

Avant-Projet Définitif

Beyond the artistic spirit, Mis en Demeure can develop the design to produce technical documentation for tender and construction.

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