In the spirit of the game, the care of imagining the Mis en Demeure stand for the September 2016 edition, was entrusted to Frédéric and Laurence Cerato.
This couple of designers, accustomed to television studios and trendy restaurants, took on the game of creating an unexpected theatrical setting where all the creativity of Mis en Demeure emerges.
They played superbly with the identity of the brand and the surprise of its new products, integrating them into their own creative energy.
Against a background of bright red feathers and a Renaissance fresco, they worked in a joyful register of colors, juxtaposing references and sensual materials to enhance our many new products.
The colors, the stories, the shapes of Mis en Demeure had fun adopting the codes of the game!
Overlapping, allying, confronting each other, materials and know-how come together in a game of balance, the picture of which seems to be due to chance. The unexpected elegance of this creative recreation sets the rules for sensual and theatrical maximalism.

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