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  • The Contemporary universe is the youngest of Mis en Demeure’s collection; it is the harmonious meeting between the brand identity on the one hand, and industrial and contemporary lines, on the other.

  • Firmly rooted in its period, Mis en Demeure’s collection has absorbed contemporary dynamics resulting in this universe whose bold and mixed identity is unique. It is a perpetual look to the heritage of French decorative arts that will delight those who enjoy mixing styles of diverse eras.

  • This universe plays with straight, clean lines, and with materials with industrial influence, and associates with modern décor elements that now find their way into our homes.

  • Thus, the Theatre Armchair, the Long Island Spot Light, the Luxembourg Chair or the Harisson Sofa meet in the bold but relaxed surroundings of your Living Room and tell their story. They will receive your private moments within a dynamic atmosphere of bright lacquers and vibrant unions of woods and metals.

  • The Contemporary Universe conveys the energy of the 21st century interiors defined by heritage and reinvention. This universe guarantees comfort and modernity for your home, it has the tone of its time and culture enveloped in grace.