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  • Mis en Demeure’s Château universe embodies the very idea of French luxury living. Inspired by historical furniture found in the Palaces of great French Monarchs, this luxurious universe enhances even the most exceptional properties, and transforms the interiors of sumptuous apartments into truly desirable, magnificent spaces.

  • Panelling, Gilding, and Bespoke Furniture, all elements of the home converging to create high-end and elegant interiors; ideal for entertaining whilst maintaining all the comforts of a private home.

  • The rosewood of the Figeac table, the gilding on the Velleron sofa and the black and gold of the Bastide bookcase are all gateways to a universe where the key word is custom-made. Invite your guests into your glamorous Living-Room, retreat to your cosy TV Room, take a book and settle down in your warm Library, enjoy the luxury of your complete dining room where even the smallest detail has been thought of and supplied by Mis en Demeure.

  • Receive your guests in a flamboyant salon, relax in a moment of calm in your tranquil entertainment room, enjoy a book in a cosy library. Treat yourself to the luxury of a dining room, completed with key in hand which Mis en Demeure have provided right to the last detail.

  • The Château Universe will allure you with its remarkable attention to detail and visual richness through exceptional decoration and unique atmospheres unlike any other.

  • Mis en Demeure’s Château Universe is the affirmation of the French way of living; luxurious lifestyle, furniture steeped in history, the atmosphere it creates will transport you to the splendour and excellence inherited from the past, adjusted to the high expectations and comforts of modern life.