À la française

A story

Of transmission

Mis en Demeure was created in 1993. Both founder and artistic director, Philippe Daraux embodies the spirit of the brand. 

A passionate collector, he never ceases to go back to the past centuries and reinvent their worlds. His travels are a pretext for creating, to better revive the soul of objects that were once forgotten.

Guided by his love of beautiful things, he passed on his taste for design and know-how to his son Jean, who is in charge of thee company's strategy. Today, Mis en Demeure is proud to remain an independent family business, deeply attached to its values.

A style


Both designer of furniture and Office of Decoration, Mis en Demeure excels in the art of combining the 3 stages: past, present and future. 

If Mis en Demeure inspires dreams, it is perhaps because the historical load of its collections has never wavered. With its timeless classic style tinged with modernity, Mis En Demeure transforms your interior into a place of unique character.

A creator


Beyond a style, it is a real philosophy, giving decoration and its objects the soul of their history and the warmth of their memories.

Mis En Demeure signs creations imprinted with the rich hours of French style and strives to bring them back to life in a contemporary world.

A craft

de luxe

If Mis En Demeure furniture is so recognized for its quality, it is thanks to techniques and methods respecting the tradition of luxury craftsmanship. 

For many years, Mis en Demeure has forged a relationship of trust with a network of specialized artisans established throughout the world: know-how in the manufacture of furniture which ensures constant quality over the years.

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