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Mis en Demeure by Disak

Mis en Demeure launches its series in collaboration with the Spanish decoration studios


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Cristina Remirez de Ganuza and Jerome Le Fouille founded DISAK studio in 2007. Their work is based on a mix of daring and audacious styles.


An internationally acclaimed fabric designer, NOBILIS is a brand which is imbued in French culture, whilst also being a doorway to the wider world.


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Mis en Demeure presents its first partnership with the Spanish interior design studio, to commence a reinterpretation of its collection. A combination of classicism and modernity, with a touch of extravagance, all in keeping with ample elegance, in an explosion of textures, colours and contrasts.

Decorating a space involves several factors. First of all, there’s the furniture but also the need to play with colours, volumes, light and coatings, all of which must reflect the personality and art de vivre of the occupant.

All of these elements led to the creation of the Spanish studio, DISAK, which ensures even the smallest details. Cristina Remirez de Ganuza and Jerome Le Fouillé created this studio in 2007, and in their encounter, found a mixture of cultures and influences; and accumulated experience, which result in chic contemporary projects, where different styles converge in bold pairs with strong personalities.

Therefore, the alliance between DSIAK and Mis en Demeure is a testimony to the perfect mix of beauty and chic comfort.