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Our Decoration Office is an interior architecture unit providing tailor-made responses to your specific planning and furnishing requests. It is organized around a creative and technical pole at your service.
It is aimed at both professionals and individuals, for the fitting out of offices, shops, hotels or evenexceptional interiors, often steeped in history.
By linking the styles of yesterday and today, our ambition is to give a soul and a unique personality to the interiors on which we work.

The stages of a project

01. Notebook


Carried out with you to formalize your expectations and define the decoration mission.
The solution can range from simple advice to turnkey delivery to the site. 

The reflection and development of these original solutions go through a whole series of stages: sampling boards, atmospheric photos, perspectives, studies, plans, budget, proposals in terms of finishes and colors.

02. Proposal


Following an in-depth study by an artistic director and a project manager, sometimes involving the intervention of experts (architects, historians, etc.), we provide you with a complete file, summarizing the answers proposed by the Office of Decoration Mis en Demeure en consistency with your specifications.

The decoration mission is the subject of a detailed and personalized commercial proposal.
The planning and design fees are indexed on the basis of a price per square meter.

Work monitoring and coordination fees are based on a percentage of work completed.

03. Implementation

of the project

Now is the time to transform your interior to restore it to its former glory.
Thanks to the tailor-made support of a guardian team of precious know-how, the Bureau de Décoration Mis En Demeure guarantees you a refined and warm style, classic and contemporary at the same time. 

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